Impeachment, Then and Now: Important Readings from Legislation & Liberty




Final week, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) introduced the opening of formal impeachment inquiries in opposition to President Trump. Whereas it’s straightforward to seek out reporting on the topic, these searching for the longer view could also be asking for one thing extra. With this assortment of previous Legislation & Liberty essays, we invite you to dig into the difficulty of the second for your self.

In the event you solely have time for one essay, learn Keith Whittington’s 2017 essay, What Is the Impeachment Energy For?

For these excited by a deeper dive, we start with Michael Stokes Paulsen’s informative collection on the constitutional points and alternatives offered by impeachment and presidential prosecution:

Taking Impeachment Severely

Constitutional Interpretation and the Impeachment Energy

May Aaron Burr Have Been Impeached for the Duel?

Impeaching Judges: Some Preliminary and Prior Ideas

The Propriety of Presidential Impeachments, Previous and Current

The Authentic That means of “Excessive Crimes and Misdemeanors,” Half I

The Authentic That means of “Excessive Crimes and Misdemeanors,” Half II

Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist, and the Energy of Impeachment

The Ratification-Period Understanding of “Excessive Crimes and Misdemeanors”

Is Early Impeachment Apply Related to Authentic That means?

The Constitutional Classes of Impeachable Offenses

The Constitutional Propriety of Prosecuting the President

Does Holding Federal Workplace Confer Immunity from Prosecution?

Professor Paulsen additionally considers various objections to impeachment:

The Specter of Abuse

The Specter of the “No Confidence” Vote

Overturning the Results of An Election

The Protest that “This Hasn’t Been Our Apply,” Half I

“This Hasn’t Been Our Apply,” Half II

Along with Paulsen’s systematic commentary, think about the various views supplied by various our different authors:

An Impotent Congress Can’t Impeach Trump

by Greg Weiner

The Home Has No Obligation to Impeach the President

by John O. McGinnis

Obama and Trump: At What Level Has a President Forfeited the Public Belief?

by Jeremy A. Rabkin

And eventually, for some pre-Trump dialogue of impeachment:

Our Impeachment Future

by Michael S. Greve (October 2016)

Impeachment Received’t Cease the Debasement of Our Authorities

by Angelo M. Codevilla (August 2014)

Defining Impeachment Up

by Greg Weiner (July 2014)

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